Professional Writing Portfolio

Your capstone assignment for this course will be a Professional Writing Portfolio that is designed in HTML and CSS code and includes a collection of your work throughout the semester with a detailed 1500 word reflection. Your web text should include a navigation bar and three HTML pages that are linked together (a home page, a marketing materials page, and a grant writing page).

Home Page

Your home page should capture in 500 words or less the significance of your experiences volunteering with NICE. Here are some questions to help you focus this service narrative:

What personal qualities (e.g. leadership, communication skills, empathy etc.) have you developed through service-learning?

What contribution can you make to public understanding of this issue based on your service -learning experience?

In what ways are you finding your involvement with service-learning difficult? What have you found that is helping you follow through despite the difficulties you encounter?

Marketing Materials Page

Your Marketing Materials page should feature the work you composed for this assignment and explain in 500 words or less the writing and design choices you made to fit within the genre and audience requirements for these documents. You may have already composed this material for your Marketing Materials reflection, and if so, feel free to revise and include that writing here. This page should also include thumbnail images of your work that link to the larger documents you composed.

Grant Writing Page

Your Grant Writing page should feature the work you composed in the grant writing assignment by explaining the writing choices you made based on audience and genre in 500 words or less. This page should also contain a link to the grant that your group submitted for the grant writing assignment.

All HTML and CSS should be clear and functional. Please consider downloading the 30 day free trial of Adobe Dreamweaver or Adobe Brackets to work on this through your own computer.

Portfolio Presentation (Final Exam)

For your final exam, you will prepare a short (5 minutes or less) presentation that articulates how your experiences in this class have contributed to your knowledge and understanding of professional writing. In other words, what have you learned about writing in the workplace that you will carry with you into future professional writing settings? You should also showcase your work (marketing materials, grant, volunteer project) to provide evidence for your claims. This presentation is worth 20% of your final portfolio grade, and your final portfolio will be hosted on the course website for easy access during the presentation.

Final Draft of Portfolio Due: Midnight Tuesday, December 8th

Presentations: Friday, December 11th at 11am