This schedule is a plan for the semester that is subject to change. Like any good plan, situations arise that warrant tweaking or addition/subtraction of readings. Be sure to check this page weekly.

Two class tweets are due every Monday by 1pm with the #ENW3560 hashtag.

W 8/20
Introduction to the Course

F 8/22
Design Lab: HTML Introduction

M 8/25
{read} Microstyle Introduction (1-14 and 18-31)

W 8/27
What is a magazine anyway?
Bring magazines to class
{read} Animals by Chris Jones Esquire Magazine

F 8/29
Design Lab: More HTML

M 9/1
No Class Labor Day

W 9/3
{read} The Front Lines of Ferguson by Rembert Browne Grantland.com and
Secrets of the Creative Brain by Nancy C. Andreasen Atlantic Magazine

F 9/5
Design Lab: More HTML

M 9/8
Blog Investigation #1 due
Defining feature articles
Finding a topic

W 9/10
{read} Microstyle Ch. 2 and 6
{read} A Family's Lost Love Letters, a Stranger, and a History Revealed by Abigail Jones Newsweek

F 9/12
Design Lab: Adobe InDesign

M 9/15
{read} Microstyle Ch. 8 and 9
Practicing Microstyle
Developing a Research Question

W 9/17
No Class - Conferences

F 9/19
Design Lab: Adobe InDesign

M 9/22
Can magazines and technology coexist?
{read} Steve Jobs Was a Low-Tech Parent
{skim} "The Question Concerning Technology" by Martin Heidegger

W 9/24
{read} Microstyle Ch.1 and 10
The Increasingly Important Title and First Sentences
Principles of Design

F 9/26
Humanities Symposium

M 9/29
Feature Article Rough Draft Due

W 10/1
Responding to critical feedback

F 10/3
Blog Investigation #2 due
Design Lab

M 10/6
In class writing excercises

W 10/8
Open lab

F 10/10
Feature Article Due

M 10/13
No Class Fall Break

W 10/15
What is a Commentary?
{read} How Did Racism Get To Be So Popular? by Stephen Marche

F 10/17
Design Lab: HTML and CSS

M 10/20
{read} "Back to Mono" by Damon Krukowski Pitchfork
"The FBI is Dead Wrong" by Ken Gude Wired

W 10/22
Blog Investigation #3 due

F 10/24
Design Lab: HTML and CSS

M 10/27
{read} Microstyle Ch. 12 (133-40) Structure (145-53) Ch. 16 (170-3)
Practicing Microstyle: Disrupting Audience Expectations

W 10/29
Commentary Rough Draft Due

F 10/31
Design Lab: Commentary Article Design

M 11/3
Query Letters
{read} Health Magazine Query Letter
Sample Query Letters (Choose two to read)

W 11/5
Revision Activity

F 11/7
Design Lab

M 11/10
Open Lab

W 11/12
{skim} Remediation Ch. 1
Sample Rhetorical Analysis
Commentary Final Draft Due

F 11/14
Design Lab

M 11/17
Online Magazine Editing

W 11/19
Online Magazine Editing

F 11/21
Lay out Pages

M 11/24
Rhetorical Analysis and Query Letter Due

W 11/26
No Class Thanksgiving Break

F 11/28
No Class Thanksgiving Break

M 12/1
Final preparations for Online Magazine

Final Exam: Friday, December 5 @ 2pm