Kenneth Burke Music Criticism

Research: Belief without Theology: The Music Criticism of Kenneth Burke

An edited collection of Kenneth Burke's music reviews written for The Dial and The Nation under contract with Parlor Press. In progress.

Nashville Shakespeare Performance Archive

Nashville Shakespeare Perfomance Archive

A small scale digital humanities project sponsored by Belmont's Lila Bunch Library and created by students in Dr. Jayme Yeo's Shakespeare Screen and Stage class and students in my Digital Literacies class.

Writing for Digital Publication

Teaching: Writing for Digital Publication

An upper-level writing and design course in Belmont's English major with a focus on new media theory and practice in magazine writing.

Kenneth Burke and the Piano

Research: Kenneth Burke and the Piano

A description of my dissertation research and the subsequent articles and presentations.

Musical notation art

Teaching: Sound and Persuasion

An upper-level rhetoric and writing course with a particular focus on sonic and music rhetorics.

Teaching: Multi-Media Writing and Rhetoric

A graduate course with a focus on writing, web design, and video production.