Feature Article Project

In your first major project for this course, you will draft, design, and revise a feature article on a subject or person appropriate for a specific magazine. Feature articles cover a topic in depth by taking a close look at a subject. We will read a variety of approaches to writing a feature article throughout the semester, and we will continue to discuss the genre further through our readings. Your article should meet the following requirements:

1. use both primary (interviews, observations, analysis of primary documents, first-person experience) and secondary (other published accounts) research
2. contain at least 2000 words
3. contain at least 2 images
4. designed in InDesign and submitted as a pdf file
5. all submitted drafts should contain a one-page cover letter that outlines the conventions of the genre you relied upon, referencing at least two other articles from your target magazine. You should also explain how this article fits into the mission and purpose of the magazine to which you are submitting.

I will evaluate your article based on your ability to meet these requirements as well as your own stated criteria for the magazine to which you are submitting. Rough drafts and final drafts of this project will be submitted to a designated location on Blackboard. After you receive your grade on this project, you will have one final opportunity to revise this feature article for a higher grade as you prepare this piece for inclusion in the class magazine project. There will be more details to follow on the revision opportunity.

Rough Draft Due: February 17th

Final Draft Due: February 28th by 5pm

Feature article examples from past years