Blog Investigation #3

For your final blog investigation, you will choose an example commentary article and write an analysis of the key elements of the feature. Ideally, the example commentary you choose would appear in a publication for which you would like to write. Feel free to comb through the additional Twitter links that your peers have posted for inspiration. Your short 500-word analysis should briefly summarize the content of the story followed by an examination of the kinds of research, the likely audience of the article, and one close example of the author's language use that is characteristic of the author's style throughout the piece. You must support your analysis of research, audience, and style with specific examples and quotes from the article you are analyzing.

•500 words minimum
•blog post contains link to the article
•analysis incorporates theoretical terms discussed in readings
•explicit examples from the article are provided in support of above analysis
•blog is posted to designated location on Blackboard
•due by classtime Wednesday, March 25th