Blog Investigation #2

Online magazine writing contains a variety of shorter genres. You can find works of satire in the New Yorker's Shouts and Murmurs weekly column; thematic columns like the New York Times Magazine's Letter of Recommendation column; reviews of music, films, or restaurants on Pitchfork or the Nashville Scene; or even advice columns in Slate or other publications. For your second blog investigation, you will investigate and compose within a shortform magazine genre. The first paragraph of your blog post should identify the conventions of the short genre you choose. Be sure to find and link to at least one online article that helps you define this genre. Then, compose the text for this shorter piece, meeting the word count requirements of that genre.

•500 words minimum (depends on chosen short form genre)
•blog post links to an article you used as inspiration
•blog cites and uses terms for analysis from our theoretical texts
•blog is posted to designated location on Blackboard
•due by classtime Monday, February 24th