Reading Responses

Throughout the semester, you will compose 5 informal reading responses out of the 8 opportunities. Each reading response should be 500 words long, and you should attempt to go beyond merely summarizing the readings.Please post these responses to the appropriate reading response discussion board on Blackboard.

Your reading responses (discoveries in/responses to/questions about/arguments with our readings) will serve as the springboard for class discussion. You may react to the readings, bring in examples that help you illustrate the readings, react to your classmates responses (i.e. engage the reading in whatever way you see fit). These reading responses are due before class on the due date, but you may discuss any reading for the upcoming week.

Reading Response Dates

1. February 3rd
2. February 10th
3. February 17th
4. February24th
5. March 12th
6. March 17th
7. March 26th
8. March 31st