Group Presentation

You and your group member(s) will present on a rhetorician that we have not discussed as a class and create an easy-to-design website through Weebly to help our class more fully understand that rhetorician. You will be divided into groups of three, and presentation order will depend on the rhetorician you choose. In addition to the website, you will also be responsible for composing a one-page reflection on the contribution of your group members, following the presentation. Please turn this reflection in on Blackboard one week after the presentation.

Your 10-15 minute presentation and corresponding website should:

Some possible rhetoricians include:


Group #1 Logan, Court, and Michelle
The Foucault Fiascault

Group #2 Jill, Lauryn, Wyatt
The Lockedown

Group #3 Chris, Matt, Ramie, and Keayana
Roland Barthes