Rhetorical Analysis

For your first assignment, you will analyze two (2) professional writing materials from the Nashville International Center for Empowerment (NICE) in order to more fully understand issues of audience, purpose, and design. In addition to the links below, you will be able to select from images of physical materials such as pamplets, one-sheets, and internal documents. Your goal in this analysis will be to 1) effectively understand NICE's current and previous approaches to persuade audiences and 2) propose your contribution(s) to the marketing materials you will create for the organization.

Part 1: Analysis

In order to effectively compose marketing materials for NICE, you must first analyze what has come before. Please select two of the following links below (more soon) and analyze these documents based on their effectiveness (or lack thereof) in terms of audience, purpose, and design. Your analysis should provide specific claims followed by detailed descriptions or quotations from the documents you analyzed as evidence of your claims. A strong analysis will also examine similar documents from other similar organizations for comparison. For example, if you chose to analyze NICE's "Volunteer" page, you could make a comparison by examining the "Volunteer" page of another Nashville local non-profit such as Hands on Nashville. This comparison might also provide you with insight for Part 2 of this assignment.

Word Count: 1,250 words at minimum

Professional Writing Materials

NICE Website Opening Pages
NICE "Journey of a Refugee" Page
NICE 2014 Annual Report
NICE Flier
Child Care Handout
Driver Training Announcement
NICE Poster
NICE Infosheet
Jobs Flier
NICE Programs Information
School Programs Announcement
Tutoring Announcement
Welcome Kit Handout
NICE Orientation PowerPoint

Part 2: Proposal

The second part of this assignment asks you to briefly propose one or two marketing materials that you hope to compose for NICE based on your analysis of current materials. This short 150-word section should name the marketing material(s), argue for why this a need at NICE, and outline your audience and purpose in creating this document.

Word Count: 150 words maximum

Due: Thursday, October 1st