Marketing Materials

For this assignment, you will be divided up into groups to create documents that align with NICE's goals and needs based on feedback from Kathy and me. Because NICE has concerns about their longterm abilities to edit InDesign files, we may be creating documents in both InDesign and a program called Scribus (more on that soon). You will be required to submit a rough draft of your marketing materials on October 20th for review and the final draft of your materials will be due on October 29th.

Part 2: Reflection

In addition to the work you will be composing as a group, you will also need to submit an HTML folder with a 750 word reflection that explains audience, design, and writing choices that you made in composing your group document along with images of the group work you helped to create. You should also reflect upon how the service activities you've participated in so far have influenced the work you have created. In other words, you must have participated in one service opportunity before October 29th. See me if this will be difficult for you. Finally, you must account for the contributions of you and your peers in this reflection by providing a brief narrative of each group member's role in the project. Following each description, give yourself and your group members a rating of "excellent," "satisfactory," or "unsatisfactory."

Message from Kathy: I do hope the class can find a brand and make a toolkit of marketing templates that we can use. While we want all the marketing materials to have the same look, please have the students consider we are targeting two different groups with information:

1. Refugees and immigrants with limited English so information on flyers must be very concise (think old school-- most refugees use their cell phone to just call us. No internet, websites, etc.)

2. Partners, volunteers, and donors so information on documents should have an educational yet emotional appeal

Also, make sure all documents are printable in color and BW is preferred.

The groups and documents are:

Childcare Flyer and Information Sheet Redesign


Website Redesign (suggestions created in InDesign)


Refugee Feature Stories


Subreddit or Reddit Page and Social Media Advice


Welcome Kit Flyer and Annual Report Redesign


Rough Draft of Marketing Materials Due: Tuesday, October 20th

Final Draft of Marketing Materials Due: Midnight Thursday, October 29th

Reflection Due: Tuesday, November 3rd