Introductory Website and Design Justification

Your first major assignment for this course will be an introductory website created in HTML and CSS code that introduces who you are to the entire class. The design and content should reflect some aspect of yourself that you would like to share, and the tone can be professional, personal, silly, creative, etc.

Your website must include the following:

1. HTML and CSS code created through the BBEdit or Notepad++ software. You are welcome to borrow code or templates as long as you use it to craft your own version online.
2. You must include a style sheet with at least six instances in use (IDs, styles, or defining an existing tag) with a range of declarations.
3. The site must include at least three internal pages and links between those pages.
4. The site must include at least two images that are sized and referenced properly.
5. The site must include at least one external link.

In addition, you must also write a 500+ word design justification statement that will be posted through your blog that addresses the following:

· The Technical: Describe how you made this site (used a template? from scratch? watched tutorials? how did you end up w/ the final product)? Explain the technical challenges and rewards you encountered when making this site, including any strategies you used to overcome challenges.

· The Ideal Website: Describe the vision you had for this website and explain whether or not you were able to achieve your vision. If you knew everything there was to know about code, what would you hope your site would look like?

· Modes: Describe which modes you used in your website and what effect you hope these choices will have on how the audience perceives you. (SEE Chapter 1 of Writer/Designer)

· Design Strategies: Describe what design strategies you used in your website and what effect you hope these choices will have on how your audience perceives you. (SEE Chapter 2 of Writer/Design)


Final Project and Reflection Due by Midnight Friday, September 20th

Sample Introductory Websites from previous years
Anna Sharp
Christina Ashworth
Tom Ebner
Tanja Jurek