Group Multimedia Project

This final group multimedia project will allow you to use all of the analytical and technical skills you've developed so far this semester to make a contribution to the Nashville Shakespeare Performance Archive. In groups, you will be responsible for a variety of tasks involved in building The Tempest section of the archive. Some groups may be responsible for collecting artifacts for the archive while others will craft, propose, and produce a Nashville Shakespeare interview video and a portion of the final website within the context of our audience, purpose, and genre.

In order to get to this final product, your group needs to complete the following steps as described below:

Part 1: Team Contract (Worth 10%)

Create a team contract that 1) establishes group expectations (project goals, quality of work, etc.) 2) establishes tasks and deadlines 3) group procedures and 4) defines personal accountability (what are the consequences of lack of participation?). Since you all need to sign it, bring me a print copy in class on 10/31.

Part 2: Pitch Proposal (Worth 20%)

In groups, you will pitch your group's work for the archive (storyboard of your interview video, a mockup of your section of the Shakespeare Performance Archive website, etc.) to the class and other visitors. This is your chance to formulate your final project idea, explain what it will look like, and receive feedback from your target audience(s) so you can move forward with the project. The technical details:

  1. The pitch must be 3 to 5 minutes long
  2. The pitch must include visual aids to showcase your storyboard and mockup
  3. Presentations on 11/5

Part 3: Final Draft + Presentation (Worth 40%)

Your contribution to the site should be ready for the rough draft due date, and the final draft of your video and site contribution will be uploaded by 12/3. Then, you will launch the site by delivering a professional presentation for various Nashville Shakespeare Perfomance Archive stakeholders. These presentations will be recorded for Dr. Yeo's class to view at the final exam.

Requirements for presentations:

  1. Each group will have 5 minutes or less
  2. Must display and discuss the section of the site the group created
  3. Must play a short (one minute or less) clip from group video

Part 4: Individual Portfolio/Critical Introduction (Worth 30%)

This individual component of the project is your chance to make a compelling argument for your participation in the group multimedia project. First, you should design a basic HTML page that showcases your work in the project. Perhaps you took on extra work with the site design or you presented as the spokesperson for your group. By linking to or including images of your work for this project, you are detailing your strong participation in its creation while crafting a portfolio that you can share with potential employers that showcases your work.

In addition, your HTML page should include a 1000+ word critical introduction, explaining your work on the project. In particular, this introduction should explain how your work on this project was influenced by other Shakespeare archives, videos, or websites. Also, your introduction should trace your creative process of developing, revising, and finalizing your contribution to the archive. Finally, using specific examples from your own work, explain how you paid attention to the design principles (emphasis, contrast, organization, alignment, and proximity) we've been discussing all year. Portfolios will be due on 12/6.

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