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Your final project for this course will be a portfolio that helps you to showcase two or more digital texts while reflecting critically on how these texts join the genre conventions of Digital Writing. First, your portfolio should be fully accessible through your Belmont website and created in HTML/CSS code. Your site should include a homepage with an avatar/logo that you created in Photoshop and links to your digital texts and your Critical Reflection.

Digital Texts

We have been investigating a variety of genre possibilities this semester through sample texts on the Twitter feed and through the various Digital Tools presentations. Potential texts include but are not limited to:

Critical Reflection

In addition to the two digital writing texts, you will also include a 1750-2500 word Critical Reflection of how your texts fit within the genre of digital writing. This Critical Reflection should make an argument about how your digital texts join the genre of digital writing, using analytical langauge from scholarly research in the field as well as theoretical and aesthetic perspectives about the genre in question. First, you might spend some time defining digital writing based on the texts we've read and discussions we've had in class. Then, work toward explaining how your two texts fit within that definition.

Your final critical reflection should then:

Rough draft due November 28th for Workshop

Final Portfolio and presentations due December 12th at 7pm

We will meet at my home (3118 Kinross) on December 12th at 7pm for brief and informal presentations. In general, this is an opportunity for us to meet one last time, enjoy some snacks, and celebrate the end of the semester. You will be limited to 10 minutes or less to showcase some of your digital texts and briefly explain how these texts help you theorize and define digital writing.