Conference Proposal and Paper

1. First, you should submit a conference proposal that meets the guidelines for an actual conference. See below for possible opportunities. We will spend time in class discussing the conventions of a successful conference proposal, and your final proposal should position your technology-themed conference paper within the field you are joining.

Proposal due October 24th

2. Second, the focus of your conference presentation should investigate technology in some way, and we can discuss this project individually in one of our office meetings. One effective way to identify a suitable topic is to research the titles of recent presentations at the conference to which you are submitting. The conference paper, then, should be between 5-7 pages and should last no longer than 15 minutes when read aloud in class. In addition, your presentation should use slideware (PowerPoint or Keynote) to provide a visual aid.

Proposal due November 7th

List of conference opportunities: